Alcose Credit Union Fee Schedule

Fee’s as of 4/1/2024

Shares & Share Draft Fees

Dormant$5.00 per month after 12 months
Overdraft Transfers$2.00
Overdraft Protection$30.00 per item
Deposit Check Return$20.00 per item
Copy of Share Draft (Check)$5.00 per item
Redeposit Corporate Check Fee$5.00
NSF Fee$30.00 per item
Stop payment (Check or ACH)$20.00 each
Stop Payment Money Order$20.00 each
IRA Account Closure$10.00 each
Account Reconcilement/Research Fee$25.00 Per hour (one hour minimum)
Debit card replacement-regular delivery$10.00 per card
Christmas Club-Early Withdrawal Fee$5.00 per withdrawal
Vacation Club-Early Withdrawal Fee2 withdrawals per year-After two, a $5.00 withdrawal fee will be assessed.
Account Closure (within 90 days of opening the account)$10.00
Under Membership Par Value ($25)$5.00 per month charge
Negative Share’sMembers with a negative balance after five days will be charged a $2.00 per day fee up to $30.00 per month.

Credit Card Fees

Credit card replacement$10.00 per card
Emergency card replacement$150.00 per card
Rush Fee$55.00 per card
Late paymentUp to $35.00
Returned paymentUp to $25.00

Miscellaneous Fees

Cashier’s Check$10.00 each
Money Orders$1.25 each
Escheat Processing$50.00 per account
Bad address/Returned mail$2.00 per return
Copy of Statement$2.50 per page
PA Title/ Lien feeAs per PennDot’s pricing
Gap Insurance$550.00
Paper Statement fee$1.00 per statement       
Bill Pay NSF$30.00
Bill Pay-Stop Payment$20.00
Early Payday Fee$25.00


Returned loan payment$30.00
Signature Refinance feeSignature loans after 6 consecutive months can be refinanced for $30.00
No Credit Check Loan fee’s$20.00
Refinance fee$30.00 after 3 consecutive months
Late Payment Fee$20.00 (After 15-day grace period)
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