Insurance for Loans


Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP)
If your vehicle is stolen, accidentally damaged beyond repair, or otherwise declared an insured total loss, your auto insurance company usually covers the replacement value. However, there may still be a gap in your loan balance not covered by the insurance settlement. This can amount to thousands of dollars. With Guaranteed Asset Protection, your remaining loan balance could be paid in full, saving you months of payments on a vehicle you no longer own. You can add the coverage to any car financed with Alcose Credit Union. Please contact us for a quote.

Vehicle Warranty

The Credit Union has partnered with Route 66 to offer lower priced extended warranties on both new and used vehicles. If you would like pricing on this warranty for your vehicle, either call or stop in at either office. Be sure to have your VIN number & mileage handy. This will allow us to give you the best offer for your particular vehicle. For brochure (Click Here)

Debit Protection

Debit protection on loans offer a valuable safeguard for borrowers, shielding them from unforeseen financial challenges. This coverage typically helps cover loan payments in specific circumstances such as disability, involuntary unemployment, or other unexpected life events that may impact one’s ability to meet financial obligations. By providing a safety net during times of hardship, debit protection ensures that borrowers can navigate temporary setbacks without defaulting on their loans. This added layer of security contributes to financial stability. For more information, or for the Brochure.


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